Coating Colors

TESSIL is an innovative technical textile made of interwoven, thermosoldered, and PVC-coated polyester yarns.
It’s water repellent, fire retardant, and antibacterial.
Its breaking point is 60kg per cm2. It offers an excellent durability and resists to atmospheric agents, sea salt, and temperatures (from -20°C up to +60°C).
Thanks to all these features, TESSIL is the ideal covering textile for seating products conceived for public premises, both for outside and inside.
ANTIGA has chosen TESSIL for its comfort and strength, as well as for its extreme practicality. In fact, this technical textile is soil resistant and can be easily cleaned with soapy water.
Moreover, the furniture can be customized with PVC logos, resistant to color fading.
ANTIGA guarantees TESSIL for 2 years against any manufacturing default and for 4 years against structural decay.
In order not to damage the PVC coat, it is recommended not to use abrasive cleaners, solvents, rigid brushes, nor hot high pressure washers.
ANTIGA provides its customers with TESSIL detailed cleaning and treatment instructions.

TP02 – Tessil Balsa

TP04 – Tessil Desert

TP10 – Tessil Skacki

TP11 – Tessil Dama

TP13 – Tessil Limone

TP14 – Tessil Arancio

TP15 – Tessil Amarena

TP17 – Tessil Vaniglia

TP19 – Tessil Rosso Rubino

TP20 – Tessil Nero Carbone

TP21 – Tessil Blu Notte

TP22 – Tessil Tabacco

TP23 – Tessil Verde Pino

TP27 – Tessil Silver

TP33 – Tessil Chocolat

TP34- Tessil Melograno

TP36 – Tessil Metal

TP37 – Tessil Porpora

TP38 – Tessil Salmone

TP40 – Tessil Zucca

TP60 – Tessil Menta

TP61 – Tessil Violet

TP65 – Tessil Bianco

TP66 – Tessil Terramare

TP69 – Tessil Creta

T43 – Tessil Beige

TRO80 – Fango

TRO81 – Dune

TRO82 – Mare

TRO85 – Ciliegia