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Cart for QUADRA, MIDI & STAR - 1473

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ANTIGA’s chair trolley is extremely handy and offers the perfect solution to simplify and speed up the work in your establishment. You can move around the chairs stacked one onto the other with little effort, while the same activity performed by hand would require strength and time. ANTIGA’s chair trolley has got a very resistant varnished iron frame and inflatable wheels conceived to last throughout time. After use, it can be stored taking little space thanks to its compact design. 

Varnished iron trolley with 2 inflatable wheels.

Length 105 cm;
Width 55 cm;
Height 123 cm.

Weight: 13,50kg

Loading capacity: 8÷10 pcs for items QUADRA 573 / 575  ;  MIDI 773 / 775  ;  STAR 453 / 455