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Sole H112 - 52300

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INOX 316 Stainless steel base

Covering fabric

Tessil TP33 Chocolat


INOX 316 Stainless steel base

Covering fabric

Tessil TP40 Zucca



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    Sole bench is a model handmade in Italy by ANTIGA, ideal for outdoor and indoor furnishings of hotels, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours.
    Characterized by a unique and original design, this bench has been conceived especially for seaside public premises, in fact if placed in a modular way it acts as a protective fence, thanks to the 120cm high back that protects customers from gusts of wind and sand.
    Sole bench is made of a strong and non-deformable crafted frame, covered with a special technical fabric called Tessil, which is resistant to tearing, stress and is easy to clean.
    The 316 stainless steel base of Sole bench is supplied with brackets for fixing the bench to the ground to prevent overturning or theft, and is also equipped with adjustable gliders that can be adapted to any irregular surface.
    ANTIGA guarantees all its products up to 24 months against any manufacturing defect!


    Length 60cm
    Width 120cm
    Height 112cm
    Seat height 46cm

    Weight: 35.00kg